Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Being Icons

Every time that I stop at a fuel pump there is someone who wants to talk. "I had a bike back when..." "I wish I could live your life." "Where's he going, daddy?" That's not unique to me, other than I make more fuel stops per month than most people.
What we all have in common, (the people who read my blog and attend my story sessions, is that we are on motorcycles... BMW motorcycles, mostly. That leaves about 43,000 americans who aren't riding a motorcycle today. Every time that YOU pull into a fuel stop the people are looking at you and thinking, "Man, that rider has the world by the tail..." I think that it's your opportunity to enjoy that moment as a minute of fame... You're all duded up in armor. Enjoying the road that day. Let those folks know that, Yes, It's a good time. Wave to the little kids who smile from car windows... you are their idol... they probably see us as live power rangers on wheels. That retired guy wants to share the stage with you for just two minutes to tell you about his old airhead, or the one that is sitting in the shed out behind the house. He's going back through his memories at that very moment recalling wind and gravel roads back on the farm. That little kid is imagining jumping piles of sand and making lots of noise. We can enable them... don't pass those moments... ask for them. Ask what they drove. Let them dream outloud while inspired by what you were able to bring into their mind... if only for the moment. Travel safe... and smile a lot. Jeff

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