Thursday, August 7, 2014

Avoiding after-travels depression!

Last year, when I returned from my 6-month travels, I went into about 6 weeks of some sort of depression. Sat around the house, didn't do much of anything for all those weeks. Became frustrated at the complexity of life in three bedrooms vs life on two wheels (hence my publishes article by similar name). Misplaced tools, burnt dinners, un-shared sunsets and dawns.

 This year at the end of one week I have already been thru a bit of the same (repairing broken pipes, cutting down over-grown bushes/tree, figuring out how to organize a household of stuff that I visit for a month...) but today will end that sensation!! The travels have made me realize that while this house and valley are lovely for the view and atmosphere, the area is so depressed that it's depressing... Will hang onto the house for fall-back plans, but am getting back into the world that has been so rich for the last two years.

In the course of the last two months I spent time in Southern Illinois where I was raised... enjoyed the weather, terrain, community and friends that remind me so much of my happy childhood years. At this point I am planning to return there to spend time with a friend and make that my "base-of-oprations" for the time to come. (Much of this is coming from a sweetly developing relationship!!)

 I decided on day three not to obsess with getting everything done overnight and to just do a couple hours work each day and get back on the road as soon as possible. Every day I talk to family and friends (one in particular, Donna) and check up on what my mind is doing.

 This week I have had vivid dreams (in full color with surround sound)which have been evolving from finding my way through corridors in old buildings to floating on an iceburg and camping in a sunlit ice cave. That last one had very positive vibes and no tension... no frustration. Here's what I see on the agenda for the next few weeks... and this includes several events that just come up in the last few days:

 On the Agenda:

(note:   Somehwere the blogger lost the next para... having to re-enter...   Where's that Dragon Dictation software I wanted???)

Already this week I posted a ton of unused household stuff (tools, kitchen stuff, collected gadgets) on local FB yardsale pages (sample).   At this point a few extra bucks in the pocket carry a lot less overhead that even knowing that this stuff is all sitting here gathering dust and being useless.   Some happy people can put the gadgets to use in their house for their own entertainment... I'll buy a new chain and sprocket set with the proceeds.

As for the house... All it costs are the taxes and lawn maintenance.  It can sit here as a someday-when-I-can't-ride backup place... Maybe then I will just turn the pavilion out back on the hill into a yurt and rent the house out as a B&B.   (That almost sounds like fun!

For not I need to pack the Wolfman Expedition bag for the weekend (one shirt, one sock and one beer) and head north to the hourse show.  Will do a mid-week 3-hour interstate up to Saugerties (Woodstock reunion site) NY and make the return trip on Sunday on back roads past Hunter Mountain and west to just north of Scranton and home.

Will expound on this a bit more one of these days...

Get out of the house, Friend!!! and Travel Safe!

(off to figure out where That road goes!)

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