Thursday, August 14, 2014

Pre-ride thoughts... overnight.

4:16 AM.   Awake for no reason... other than imagining going about 200 miles west with only the thought of staying south of I 80.  Not taking a map.  GPS packed away.

An easy drive.  Small town PA.  Allegheny Forest. Pre-harvest cornfields lush from a good year.  70 degree PA summer morning...   Listening to the brrrrrapppp  of the bike melting into the canopy of green between the jade of bean fields.

crap... no wonder I can't sleep.

Will load the bike after dawn.  Did maintenance checks last night... My mind is clear...   no thoughts of bills or commitments...   packing light... maybe two sleeping bags, two bags of rice and two pouches of oatmeal...  oh... and ya... two socks.

Travel safe my friend... and often.


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