Sunday, August 24, 2014

Drop off the map...

OK, so I get so easily distracted...   Pulled up to the gas pumps in Buckhorn on the way home from the 4-Winds Rally and heard this CLUNK sorta noise.  I looked down and realized the chain was trying to jump the front sprocket...   Guess things like front sprockets just can't be ignored...   So I parked the bike and made appt for replacement at Hermy's...   10-days out.   ugh.

Meanwhile I launched the plan to unload everything that's not moving to IL with me.   Have I talked about that yet at all? hmmm... just read my notes and I don't see anything about my relocation plans...   Go figure.

So for two years traveling on the bike I move my dating profile with me from state to state, fully disclosing that I'm only in town for a month or whatever.   Usually I can meet someone interested in dinner or sharing some scenic afternoons, but always the question, "How are you ever going to meet anyone living the lifestyle that you do?"

My response has been that When I meet someone I can either park the bike or adjust my plans to something that would meet the needs of having a serious relationship.   Well,,, wouldn't you know... back in May in Southern Illinois (where I grew up) a woman clicks on my profile and the conversation begins.  

Without all the details, we hit it off and I changed my July plans to return to her place for July, instead of home (where I would have wasted for a month...)

July went by fast, but with lots of social stuff together in the community.   Turns out that we have at least 5 friends in common from either BMW or grade school connections.  Two weekends in a row we hosted a get-to-gether, one at her place and one at the local Veteran's park.  That one was nice because three of us were able to ride the bikes right up to the picnic table!   That's the group pic on the post that's two down from this one.

July goes so well that we decide to continue into the fall.  I canceled my FL volunteer assignment at Stephen Foster Cultural Center and decide to do the MOA rally in Minneapolis and then home to start packing.

Today is August 24th and there's plenty in the works.  Both of my neighbors are interested in buying the house so I'm not going to fret much about that happening...   Getting rid of years and years of belongings looked like the overwhelming challenge...   Craigs-list and Facebook turned out to be the solution to massive unloading for fun and profit!   Truck (needs head gasket) sold in 24 hours.  Utility trailer did the same.  Now the household stuff.

Here's the link to photos of what was for sale... actually I have already deleted several hundred items from the roster that I began with.   Schuylkill County has a bunch of Facebook  pages about selling stuff.   Yard sale pages, garage sale pages and even a barter page.  I posted the roster with updates on five of the pages.  Sold over $1,500 in four days, two of which were the all day sale days.   Today I posted my "I DON'T WANT TO BE HERE NEXT WEEKEND" sale notice <<<link on FB.  What doesn't go today is going to the salvage guys tomorrow.  How about that?  Completely liquidated in less than 7 days and $'s in my pocket.

That will leave about 10-days to clean things out, take care of some other bike maintenance issues and get packed for Horizons Unlimited on the 4th thru 7th of Sept.  Will be speaking there with an updated routine about live on 2-wheels, soon to be WITHOUT the 3-bedroom house!

Live is good!

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