Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Moving memories into the future.

Star date August 26, 2014

I think I'll been leaving on Sunday, drive over to West Virginia to meet Donna for a few days, and then head down to the Horizons Unlimited rally.  This presentation of "Life on Two Wheels" will include the final chapter of "The Three-Bedroom House"

Note...   I drafted this post using Dragon Dictation Software and discovered something very interesting... Verbalizing these thoughts, out loud, is much more emotional than even feeling the cold tears fall on my wrists as I type the corrections.

Things here at the house a wrapping up quickly, and spending too much time here is going to become depressing.  It's been a great place to live, that being the Northeastern Pennsylvania and the Ringtown Valley , but it's time to shrug off the overhead of a house and household belongings and get back on the road

I've been running a yard sale, mostly advertised in social media, since last Wednesday and, although I haven't run the numbers, I'm approaching $2,500 which includes the sale of the trailer.  The truck went for $750 and the boat should go today for $250.  Somehow the twenty-dollar bills seem to bring closure to the experiences that were shared with the belongings and vehicles.   Watching the teller at the bank count the bills and bout it in my account for me is like investing all those adventures and emotions into my future.  What is left of the furniture can go to the curb on Friday with the "free" sign posted.

Travel Save, today, my friends.


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