Sunday, August 3, 2014

History repeats itself... home life sux.

Arrived home a few days ago... hard to renember which... Picked up box of wine and family pack of chicken. Whose job was it to drain the pipes back in September? Somehow I missed the cold water pipe and came home to lots of freeze breaks. I counted to 7 and went for parts. Then found shutoff for dishwasher had split. Then found leak in laundry. today I invested in Shark Bite plumbing supplies and got most of it fixed. At least enough to use the toilet, shower and laundry. Two pin-hole leaks are down there guzzling gallons, but they can wait for tomorrow. Remind me why I haven't sold the house? Oh, ya... When I fall down and break both my lege I can retire here... as a plumber? Go figure. On the better side of the page... Horizons Unlimited will be hosting at Iron Horse in Sept. Registered as a speaker there. Do I hear water running? BRB... Found it. Laundry was belching onto bathroom floor... lawn guy hacked off grey water hose and stuck it into the ground for safe keeping... Will invigte him back and stuff it somewhere mor useful Always something... Is that beer cold yet? Back tomorrow... travel safe. Jeff

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