Sunday, September 29, 2013

Arrived El Mirage Dry Lake OHV Area.

Bob Fallia and I had breakfast and then left Kingman about 8:30.  Lots to tell about the drive and old Rt 66 going into a little town Andy Devine seens to have created.  Oakman?   Burrows and horses wandering the main street on their own.  Twisties through the mountains that just wouldn't quit for 9 miles.  Was awesome... more on this later.

Ride Partner, Bob Fallia:

Arrived at El Mirage:

There is a 20 something computer/soils guy in a camper here and me.  That's it.   20,000 acres and NO employees, just us two volunteers.   The last 1/2 mile to my camper is loaded with sand, but I got in.   Will have to figure out where the road has some solid ground.  You won't believe the equipment we have available.  Bunch of quads, atv's fuel, tools.   and 20,000 acres.  No camp host so we can patrol the camp areas and check for odds and ends.  What a hoot!  I also have a picnik table and fire pit.  unlimited supply of wood.

Town is 20 miles away.  El Mirage has no town.   The other (James) guy ran me to the store in the SUV that we get to have.   I'm set for quite a while.  He's also an Eagle scout.   Nice to be in good company!

Now to start catching up on the photos from the week...   and get out and shoot more as the sun sets.   Thermometer says 75 deg but standing in the sun feels like 95.  

Camper is nice.  probably 40' FEMA unit.   looks like new.   Will update this and other posts as I get pics figured out.

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