Saturday, September 28, 2013

Grand Canyon and Kingman day

Bob from CA is meeting me this morning and we are headed 90 miles northwest to visit the GC.  It has probably changed a lot since I visited in 1979...   all this global warning and such...   :)

Then to Kingman, AZ and about 40 miles of old Rt 66.   I have been paralleling it much of the trip.  The theme song from the TV show still is fresh in my mind.

We'll overnight in that area, I expect, and take the 250 mile run into CA and my new digs on Sunday.   Will be 2,500 miles in 7 days, not counting the 500 from PA to NC.   Yesterday ended with some downtime to just catch my breath and relax...   I need more of that.  This has been non-stop since Thursday 10 days ago.  

Looking at the weather last night, I was two days ahead of bad storms in Albequerque.   Lucky that I only had the two wet sessions that I did.

Still trying to figure out the Contour helmet cam.   Yesterday was a complete photo loss...   It's easy enough to operate but I didn't have the system settings as I thought.   Better luck today.

Happy Weekend!


Updated Travel Map:

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