Saturday, September 28, 2013

Friday to Flagstaff and Sedona

Friday began with rain in Gallup, NM.    Went to TA truck stop for breakfast and tinkered with computer stuff until after 9 when the rain quit.

Once I got on the road the rain persisted for about 60 miles.   I was about to pack it in for the day to get a warm room and work on photos, but it was still before 10A and the sun was teasing me from the west horizon.   The closer I got to Flagstaff the sunner it became, but the temperature kept dropping. 

  Fueled up in Flag and headed south to Sedona in search of warm air.  Rt 89A south was a sweet little two-lane eventually dropping into Oak Creek Canyon. 

  Video cam didn't work as I expected so captured nothing significant.   Too much traffic to really enjoy the twisties down into the canyon, but was still a nice drive.    Getting to Sedona, what a retail metro that has become.   Everything in town looked really pricey.   Gone are the days of hippie chicks and home grown spirituality.   Very commercial.   

I drove south a few miles to see the end of the canyon and then headed back into Sedona.  

All the rooms were booked for an art program this weekend.  Headed back to Flag and M6 for afternoon of recovery.  This traveling all day for 7 days, straight from the GS Trophy Challenge is catching up with me.   Looking forward to wrapping this trip up on Sunday.

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