Friday, September 6, 2013

Electrical fire.

Fire in the hole!

30 miles south of Rocky Knob Campground on the Blue Ridge Parkway I stopped to video the valley to the east of the Air Bellows Overlook.  

When I stopped I could smell plastic burning but still had no idea what was going on.   I dismounted and found only a portion of the side case remaining and the brake caliper area cooked.

A couple in an SUV that I had passed at the prior overlook drove up quickly and said, "We could see that you were on fire and guessed that you didn't even realize it.   The rest of your luggage is about 1/4 mile back and still burning."

I bungied up the scraps of the case and drive back to witness the fire... details in the video.

Bike was fine, give or take no ABS.   I finished the 150 miles remaining to Asheville and visited EuroSports BMW.  They think the speed sensor wires somehow caught fire and started everything.  Will find out today if it's warranty work.   Swing arm, brake caliper assy, hoses, speed sensor system, left rear fender, tail light wiring.   I would love to swap the exhaust for the Leo Vincy, but they have to do everything factory original.   Will likely mean I need to rewire my after market lights next week.

As for the parkway...   Fancy Gap Breakfast with a bunch of scooter riding good ol' boys and two Harley drivers.

Will post videos of the day when they are processed.   This is the bike at Mt. Mitchel Overlook.

The Parkway south of Lexington was looking great yesterday.  Temps were cool but haze was light, as was the traffic.   Travel Safe!

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  1. Wow! Amazing that you could finish the trip. I'm glad you don't have to replace parts of yourself from the fire. There's nothing like a beemer blazing down the Blue Ridge!