Thursday, September 26, 2013

Crossing NM

Guess who is in M6 tonight?   Windier than blazes all day today...   drove between 70 and 80 and faced 30+ mph headwind.   What a struggle.

When the day started to warm I shed my sweatshirt, windbreaker and overalls...   first thing you know I a FREEZZZZZing...   Sign said: "Continental Divide - 7,888  ft elev."   No wonder.

Made it to mid state and took scenic route 53.   Beautiful buttes and gorges.   Nothing for attractions.  Most everything there is out of biz.   Def worth taking a break from I40.   Arrived Gallop about 4:30.  I may just turn the shower on HOT and sleep in the tub tonight.

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