Wednesday, September 25, 2013

day 2 - Tuesday to OK

Reached OK today.   506 miles.   Lakeside campsite about 70 miles into the state.  TX tomorrow.  No Arkansas overnights...   Sorry, Slick Willie...

At this point I am moving at a rate that will bring me to Flagstaff one day early.   For now I am going to put the miles in the bank and plan a tourist day in NM on Friday.   Will meet friend Bob in Flag' on Saturday and then Barstow on Sunday.

Today was 15 miles of heavy rain in Memphis, but traffic was moving slow and sensible.  Arkansas was like a conveyor belt of tractor trailers.  OK was the first area that I saw brown grass and crops.  their season must be a month ahead of the east.   Traffic dwindled to near zero.

Saw ONE west-bound motorcycle today.   They can't ALL be driving the same speed as me...   Hundreds headed east, mostly two-up on Honda's/Harleys.

Met a guy in a gas station from Barstow headed to Atlanta...  exact opposite of my trip.   Will stay in touch.    

Revised travel pans in link below.


  Contour videos are fighting with my software.  gotta figure that out.

Travel safe!  Jeff

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