Thursday, April 10, 2014

Camp hosting 101

So what's it like to be a camp host?  Sorta like being a homeowner of couple hundred acres with tons of relatives visiting every weekend.   There isn't much of a schedule, usually.   And the assignment list is, "Do everything that you see that needs doing."

My preference is to find assignments at locations that are small and have only one or two hosts.   One is better...   one less person to have an opinion on how the grass should be mowed, or whither the glass is clean.

To make it interesting some times one must be creative...   Going to the 'office' doesn't have to be the direct route:

When it comes to items found on in the park, there are several options...   I try to figure out why something was left behind and where it could be returned or put to use.

Take these squirt guns, for example...   found on picnic table after a busy weekend...   Not something that is
worth returning for, so we don't need to hold them for a week for possible claim.   In all likelyhood some dad had the kids and hit Walmart for entertainment toys on the way to the beach...  One of two things caused them to be left behind:

A)   Dad know mom isn't in to guns... "Let's leave them here for some other kids to enjoy.  You know that bitch of a mother won't let you in the house with them..."

B)   Dad knows that if he takes the kids home and mom finds out that he was using the AK-47 against the kids with 6-shooters, his ass is dead in the water...

Under the category of "Needs done."    Upon arrival I visited my assigned beach to see what it wa
s like...   sort of like seaweed-central...   bushels of yuck washed ashore and no evidence of a caretaker...

Families are paying $50/day to use this camp area and I find ceiling lights burnt-out, beach unkept, fire pit overflowing with ashes...

Taking a couple days to spruce things up...   rake up the big stuff.   then rake the surface end-to-end a couple times...

Well, now... Lookie there!  trash and grass all gone.  Looking suitable for swimming. volleyball or cookout.  Nice job Jeff!

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