Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Personal family losses.

Good Morning!   Hope all is well with you guys.

My sister Pam called Monday morning to tell me that My uncle Vern "Woodie" Woodard had passed away.  He had been in failing health for some time.  Hadn't seen him for many years.   Elta is his wife and Doug (retired military) and Cherie are his kids.  Both about my age.

Last night she called again to let me know that Uncle Kenny had passed away in his sleep in his home in Sunnyvale, CA.   He was about 80 and on daily dialysis.  I saw him in February for lunch and a visit to his house with Uncle Fred.   Kenny was a fancy dresser and loved ballroom dancing.   We had a birthday party for him when I was visiting about 8 years ago and he showed up in suit and tie.   Last few years he had bad dementia but was very pleasant and talkative when I was there.   I don't remember who his kids are... Will ask Aunt Pam.   He had several dirt bikes in his garage... immaculate house keeper.

I don't think any of us kids are heading to the ceremonies.

Have a great week...   hugs.


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