Monday, April 14, 2014

Photo Day. GA, FL

Took time to pull over a few times and shoot some rural color along two-lane roads...  Waycross, GA to Sanderson, FL.  Not many structures to be found that would allow random shooting...  Abandoned fuel station ($1.45 was last posted   

Wonder how many families had pulled in there on vacation?   Whose shoes were left behind?  Imagine the fish stories shared by good old boys over Saturday morning coffee.

Travel included visit to tourism location with an elevated structure completely cut off from dry land by high water.  Met another BMW 1200 driver, Phil Reedy, originally from Tower City, PA.  Now in Ormond Beach and welcoming me to visit next time in town.

A BMW Rider friend just shared her thoughts about asking each person met along the trail for their contact info...   Something that I often forget to do...   Most people are pleased that someone valued the meeting enough to ask...   Will try to keep that habit going.   Will be a good topic for another article.

Heading further south found Rt 93 heading to the left (East) that wasn't on my chart...   figuring that it had to come out somewhere north of the pond I hit the blinker and went exploring.   Pretty country but not much variety to see...  quite a few cows and lots of pine trees... and Baptist churches...

At the intersection which would head straight south to Sanderson i spotted the abandoned Chevron station.  This little location turned up quite a few interesting shots...   There are likely half dozen more that I haven't gotten to processing yet.

The red panel, just above, is from the rail car sitting in the parking lot of the Fargo Charter School.  Getting things in order with the paragraphs here is something my biographer can do in a few years...

More to follow.

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