Friday, April 11, 2014

Some days I find myself waking, breakfast, putting off any riding to later in the day and then opting for a beer and tan maintenance instead...   where does that dome from?  All these sand roads around me and I haven't gotten out there...  although riding alone isn't the same as with a partner.  Sometimes aloner is better.

Thinking about videos and how to package results from a day or weekend... Here's a photo shoot that I did for a guy in CA back in January.

 A photo friend of mine back in PA calls those Lifestyle Portraits.   Views of someone in their own element...  

Next project: put together a 2 to 4 minute video of someone... like yourself, with videos while riding, relaxing, with friends, doing adjustments and more riding...   I have a way that I like to collect audio separate from the video process.   Will share that later.  

Same idea for an event... like... let's see... the GA North Mt Rally...   Clips of people arriving, rides, food, campfire and tear-down...   audio clips separately.   Package it after the weekend...  

Anyway...  mind is working.   see blog post on ADHD.  

Now to find cup, tea and hotplate... and then I know this patch of mud that is aching for knobbies...


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