Wednesday, April 9, 2014

When is a writer not a writer?

I started out thinking this was about me, but I guess it is pretty universal...   If I don't blog today am I still a blogger?   Or are those days the ones where thinking and living are creating the thoughts for another day.

This afternoon I remembered the Saturday in November that a camper named Joey kept telling me...   "The color is still getting better..."   .    I had already shot several nice sunset pics at El Mirage Dry Lake and I was about to sit back for a glass of wine and call it a day...   Joey, 50 or so camping parent, not a photographer, kept saying... "Wait two more munites!"   And every two minutes the colors became richer.   The sun dropped lower, the clouds moved and picked up the reds and oranges of the sunset...   and the photos kept getting better.

There is this tree over by the boat launch that has been nagging at me... bare of leaves, draped in spanish moss, alone in the water among lilly pads and grasses.  The moss is somewhere between silver and green.  Sometimes it's dark and with the lighting just right it is glowing white.   I walked down there this today several times to see what mood it was in.   Took a few initial shots... will continue.

Good project tree... as is another near the parking lot.

Later I waited for sunset...   Waited until I was afraid that I would miss it entirely and walked back to the pier.   I caught the last 5 minutes of the sunset and some nice Florida tree silhouettes.  Let me edit those shots and see what they yield... more to follow.

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