Wednesday, April 9, 2014

My roll is society,,, My roll in my life...

Someone says to me, every couple weeks... "I wish I could life like you."   

My ex just text'd me last weekend... "Must be nice to be rich."   5 years ago our (then high school) daughter posted something about, "I know I'm rich, but I'm not arrogant..."

So what is it like to be rich?   Who defines "rich?"      I think I am rich on the starving-artist scale of poverty-to-published...   Every day is my own...   I kick myself when I waste one.   I get off on standing on picnic tables sweeping them so some unknown family can enjoy a picnic net weekend.  When was the last time your mom let you stand on the picnic table?   This is rich!

We all put in out years of contributing to the national gross profit.   Earn a "living" so our kids can enjoy life and start out on their own.   My contributing years were engineering/plant managing and then sales and marketing.  I sold for which sold pixels and search results so that dealers could sell cars so manufacturers could sell them the vehicles so that people in Detroit could sell their labor and buy cars...   Is that a food loop or a food chain?

Now I get my check on the 3rd and don't worry about much of anything.   

OK, so that's not entirely true.   Last night I worried about how hard it was raining and was I going to be uncomfortable.   Did I take all my electronics off of the picnic table so they don't get wet (no... drat).     Will my phone battery last until dawn.   How bad is the national debt?  (well,,, I just threw that one in there to be part of the main-stream... I really don't give a hoot...)

As long as the National Forest Service can afford to let Volunteers like me work for free I can make this work.   Worst thing that could happen is that I get laid off...   Not sure how that would work...   

So... back to the question "Live like you."  or living-the-dream...   So what's keeping you from doing it?  What is it that you can't walk away from?   Unfortunately 4 of my childhood friends decided that life had no options and they took their life and ended the journey prematurely.   That sort of sets one extreme end of the spectrum.  How can a problem be so huge that one would end their life over it?   

One management guru suggested that, "Any problem that you can buy your way out of is not a problem."   I did have a few of those...   Things like speeding tickets and taxes...   ex's.   Child support.  

What problem could you not just walk away from?   You can always consider the consequences and live with them...  Like bills...   All they can do is pester you...   How late in life does one need a credit rating, anyway...   It's not like your heirs can borrow about your great credit.   

So tomorrow... (I think the sun comes up in 90 minutes...) I unlock the gate to the beach at 8:00AM.  Fix potatoes, onions, garlic, sausage and eggs on my multi-purpose hotplate and tackle the challenges of being a free-lance photographer/journalist/camp host.  I need a photo of a toad and one of a frog... they have been begging for attention.  

More to follow.

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