Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Why should I blog? - Answer is from my readers...

I sit here looking at 2" of water in front of the shed that I moved into at 2:00 AM this morning... Torrential downpour and tent was having some drip issues.   After I got up this morning I fied hot sausage, potato and egg breakfast on the hotplate sitting cross legged on my sleeping pad on the floor...   Then I headed to showers to freshen up and start chores.

Stay with me... this is leading to a good awakening...

Threw a few damp belongings into the dryer and took the mop with me to the adjacent shower room.   Cranking up the hot water I drug the mop around the room to clean up the tracks from weekend visitors.   Extra water from the shower made it easy to drench and clean well.

Finishing shower I dressed in warm duds right from the drier...  then the phone rang...

Ringgggg...    'Hello, This is Jeff.'

"Hey, Jeff, this is Bob Fallia.  Got a minute?"

Bob and I met last July at Hermy's BMW when we were both there for service.   Been following each other's blogs and adventures ever since.   

Bob, "Where on earth are you now?  Photos are great... wish you would write more...  You have such an opportunity to bee traveling and  enjoying the adventure...  "

We talked about travels and blogging...   He reminded me that a boring day in the FL rain was nicer than the same day in the Northeast for the past 4+ months of winter.  He looks to my stories to find encouragement for the warmer months to come.   

That thought is inspiring me to get off my duff and write more...   even some of the basic non-event days...   God gave me this opportunity for a reason... I should not ignore that gift...  let me re-gift my  opportunity in stories and photos... more to follow.


  1. Jeff, it's always good chatting with you and I'm glad to see that you're blogging. Keep up the good work!

  2. Many thanks! Will try to keep up the dialog! Jeff