Thursday, April 10, 2014

Good morning, sleeping friend...  although you may be blinking to dawn by now...  Remembering hours of lovely conversation.

Woke to chirping birds and warm beer.   Walked cross beach to comfort station.  fried onions, sausage, garlic and eggs for breakfood.  One dish marvel.  burnt tip of thumb.  Looked a couple hundred of your photos.  Fun to look back through your eyes and your adventures and imagine the miles between.  Imagining miles to come.  Looking up your backside from 29 yards back to the tune of tar strips on old Rt 66.  Winding our way to a sunset moment.

Now to drag at least a small sebment of my mind back to camp and do a few constructive things here... light bulbs to change.   Towel dispensers to fill.   

Must stop to Ace Hardware today.   Looking at google maps to see if I can go 20 miles to town without following any roads with lines on them.  Will let you know now I do... gotta love google maps.

Enjoy your morning, Ms. C.


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